we engineer our tops to fit and flatter specific bra sizes from 30aa to 38e. we cut our bottoms to show off all sorts of shapes from size 2 to 16. ditto for our one-pieces! we've got a variety of styles so the suit you choose will fit your shape as well as your personality.

fit tips for one-pieces:

when designing one-pieces we consider your bra size, pant size and height.

  1. choose the style that is designed for your bra size.
  2. pick the size that corresponds to your pant size..

fit tip for bottoms:

at malia mills we make our bottoms to correspond pretty darn closely to your pant size. if most of the pants in your closet are size 8 then choose a size 8 in our styles. important! if you want more coverage do not order a bigger size! instead, order a style that is cut to cover more

on rare occasions you may go up or down a size depending on the cut of the style or your height. we've got more detailed size and fit tips with each bottom so be sure to read each description to the confirm the best size to order.


fit tip for tops:

you can't imagine how many of us aren't wearing the right size bra! we've got the best measuring technique so grab a tape measure -- it's simple.

first, measure your band size. strip down to your favorite bra (not padded!). measure around your body under the bust - hold the tape snug, but not tight. add 5" to an odd number and add 4" to even number. voila! the number you get is your band size.

now, measure your cup size. measure one boob from the side to the center over the fullest part -- one wire over to the other wire.  see chart below for your cup size.

less than 7" = aa 
7" = a 
8" = b 
9" = c 
10" = d 
11" = dd
12" = e

a "full cup" will measure somewhere in between. for example, if you measure 8.5" you're a full b.

keep in mind cross grading. this means if you are a 34b you might also be a 32c (band is one size smaller and cup size is one size bigger) so try bras in both sizes to see which one fits best and feels most comfortable.

p.s. is a rockstar when it comes to fit and style, reach out to her for one-on-one help. really. she works her magic from our brooklyn design studio, a mere ten feet from malia and her design team!