love thy differences - it's our mission, our mantra, our driving force.

in 1993 we launched our company to inspire women to unleash the vixen within. at malia mills we don't want to change the way you look, we want to change the way you see yourself. 

the one of a kind delicious reflection in the mirror? with a rebel yell hell yes to you.

all praise our lady parts. kindness. appreciation. pride.  more curves or less so -- own it. revere it. get on with it. 

“health is the greatest possession. contentment is the greatest treasure. confidence is the greatest friend.” lao tzu

behold the power stance. even more powerful in a swimsuit.

liberate yourself from feelings of inadequacy that accompany the search to find a suit that fits.  if a suit doesn't fit, no big deal -- it is the suit that is flawed, not the body. 

a swimsuit is all about freedom, truth, feminist spirit, limitless potential. a swimsuit says let's party. 

so let's party! at malia mills we're passionate about articulating a new voice on the subject of women and beauty. 

#lovethydifferences. the revolution starts with you.


to thousands of women across the country, malia mills is nothing short of a modern-day savior. when she began her swimwear company, she started a veritable body image revolution.
— vogue

choice. one of our favorite words.

that's why we pour our hearts into making killer swimwear separates. because rare is the gal who is the same size on top as on bottom. and it's no fun to match all the time now is it? 

busty? your sister, mother, best friend not so much? right on. from A to E cup we've got tops with more structure or less -- beautifully seamed simple tops to badass underwires. 

curves for miles or less so? we've got cheeky hipster bottoms to retro fabulous high waisted briefs.

pick your top.
pick your bottom.
kick ass.




i had a gal bring her gal pal into our southampton store -- it is amazing when friends share mm with friends.

her gal pal was reticent -- many are -- to strip down and try some swimsuits. 

but strip down she did. 

a beauty this gal -- some curves here, less curves there. our cinch bottom -- i saw that it was too much coverage -- she said it was too little! 

no, no less is more, show off those curves! really, you are our brand ambassador -- i won't let you leave without something that doesn't look and feel rad, say i.

the limbo -- our 60s low cut bottom meant to show off hips -- stunning! she wasn't seeing it. kept grabbing her bum, wishing it wasn't so round/big/wide/this and that. 

wow. so much beauty, but she just couldn't see beyond her curvy derriere.

finally i say, you. are. fabulous. and it doesn't matter if you choose our suits or a suit somewhere else but you have got to change your ass attitude

it is clouding your whole essence...

it is a major road block... 

to be honest, it is really f@#$&*ing with your chi.

you are wasting too much of your precious time wishing your ass was different when what you need to do is embrace the curvy deliciousness that is your ass, put on a suit and get to the beach.

no amount of me jumping around and celebrating your beauty is going to make you see your ass differently.

you've just got to change your ass attitude

and one bikini clad vegas selfie later, change her ass attitude she did.  

we have way better things to bitch about. equality. respect. choice. voting the first woman to the top spot in the white house.

so bitch about the size of your ass no more. live your rockumentary. take it to eleven. today is the day.



words. they matter. 

and in our love thy differences world "cover up" just feels wrong.

like a turtleneck and cords when a cropped top and levi's 501s were all the rage.

like the abrupt fade of your favorite dance song.

like saving the rest of the champagne for later. 

it's almost criminal.

which brings us back to cover up -- to conceal evidence of wrong doing.  if to rock what i've got is wrong, then i don't want to be right.

we get the need to cover up -- like the need to walk through the lobby to get to the pool. or the need to walk to the bar to grab another round of margaritas.

we just want to call it more like what it feels like and less like what it technically is.

so in the spirit of no shirt no shoes no problem we're going with the word badass. consider this:

i'm looking for a badass to go with my bikini. #gimmesomeofthat





1966   malia margaret mills born in honolulu, hawaii.

1976   receives first official bikini for christmas- lemon yellow spandex with yellow plastic rings.

1980   moves to hanover, new hampshire. shocks the speedo clad lake crowd with a hot pink surfer girl string bikini cut up to there.

1986   fails first pattern making assignment at cornell university.

1988   studies fashion design at la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne. meets maryvonne herzog, custom swimsuit designer in paris.

1990   graduates from cornell. drives to california. works as an assistant designer at jessica mcclintock, inc.

1991   moves back to new york city. launches malia mills swim wear - a collection of swimwear separates made to make more sense. her dream? to improve the swimwear experience- from the way you shop for a swimsuit to the way it fits and the way it all makes you feel.

1993   sports illustrated swimsuit issue features kathy ireland wearing a malia mills long sleeved bikini.

1994   takes on a partner and an investor. hires an accountant and a lawyer. quits her waitressing job.

1995   the home office moves out of the home! wholesale accounts grow to 100 and malia mills is now available "worldwide." shop for malia mills at: bloomingdale's, neiman marcus, sak's fifth avenue, victoria's secret, barneys new york, barneys japan, brown's of london, harvey nichols, the aman resorts.

1996   news flash! cheetah spotted on every newsstand. malia mills bikini graces the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue.

1997 shop online! malia mills proudly welcomes american express, visa and mastercard.

1998   malia mills opens flagship boutique! 199 mulberry street in new york city- put together a swimwear wardrobe and grab other get-away gear.

1999   go west! malia mills opens store number two in los angeles.

2000   new millenium- another new store! malia mills miami opens on collins avenue.

2001   malia mills introduces the original just marriedª bridal bikini. it's a run-away hit! "mrs. jones" soon follows as malia mills one-of-a-kind brideª bikini also makes a splash.

2002   the bubble bursts. close la store. close miami store. move to new office - less space more sun. madonna shops for the d-mure and the pucker showgirl. it's a bright new day at malia mills

2003   uptown gals get their very own malia mills. malia mills opens second store in new york city at 960 madison at 75th street!

2004   our upper east side shop moves from madison to lexington and to the ground floor! visit us at 1015 lexington at 73rd st.

2005   malia mills wins first place award for business success, entrepreneurial success and contribution to success for women within nyc from nyc commission on women's issues. award ceremony chez gracie mansion.

2006   malia mills goes to connecticut! malia mills greenwich opens at 16 greenwich avenue. shop the top!

2007   malia mills boldly leaves the comfort of the tri-state area. malia mills chicago opens in mid september at 2050 n. halsted. we are dangerously close to barneys co-op!

2008   malia mills inducted into the council of fashion designers (cfda).

2009   nicest landlord in america, jim rosenfield, holds our hand in the iffy economy as we open in his brentwood country mart in santa monica.

2010   malia mills weathers the economic storm thanks to all our loyal customers. we bring the love to three new locations. open larkspur, newport beach and montecito ca! hooray!

2011   new year, new borough. malia mills opens its first brooklyn store in boerum hill. come by and visit us at 375 atlantic ave!

2012   gorgeous girls, gorgeous get-ups -- watch the video and say hello to our collection of malia mills ready to wear! and say hello to malia mills los altos, ca!

2013   malia mills lovingly made in new york, new jersey and now haryana, india. one world!

2014   big year, big move! malia mills studio moves to industry city january 2014. more details to come!


made in america…and haryana, india. #oneworld

new york, new jersey, california... we are incredibly proud to cut and sew all of our swimwear and the majority of our ready to wear in america. each piece is crafted in our local communities by multiple generations of families working together -- women and men who specialize in working with their hands and hearts to spread, cut, fold, sew and hand finish each style with love. they have a magic touch for which we are very grateful.

small business is the engine of our communities, cities, states and countries around the globe. in 2013, in an effort to support more women and communities we embarked on a program to make beautiful cotton tunics, tops and dresses in India. the world is much, much smaller than when we first started. and we’re lucky to be able to contribute to communities both near and far.

we are big fans of vivienne westwood's buy less, choose well, make it last mantra.  since 1993, our small batch luxury has been a celebration of quality over quantity. and for over 20 years our malia mills mavens have supported our efforts and all of our communities. thank you! and thank you for inspiring us to create damn fine goodies made by damn fine folks.