broad city babes

Ilana and Abbi have a dedicated best friendship that is a constant source of delight and support, a co-dependence that’s sustaining, not undermining. It’s a relationship that trumps crappy jobs and bad roommate situations and niggling worries, and permits both women to be exactly who they are.
photo by gavin bond for vanity fair

photo by gavin bond for vanity fair

how can you not love the babes of broad city? they're just like us: funny, smart, and know a good bikini when they see one. you'll love them and that love will sneak up on you.

the girls of broad city show us what it's like to make decisions -- good and bad -- in a city that supports their nutty and sometimes inexplicable madness. they support each other no matter what, and show us what true gal-to-gal keepin' it real means.

at the end of the day, we all know and love that friendship that really makes us the best version of ourselves. that's what ilana and abbi do for each other and that's what all ladies should do for each other.

check out this shot of these talented ladies in vanity fair -- abbi is rocking a maillot from tori praver swimwear and ilana's sporting our paris top and bombshell bottom, check out their feature in the january 2015 issue.