broad city babes

Ilana and Abbi have a dedicated best friendship that is a constant source of delight and support, a co-dependence that’s sustaining, not undermining. It’s a relationship that trumps crappy jobs and bad roommate situations and niggling worries, and permits both women to be exactly who they are.
photo by gavin bond for vanity fair

photo by gavin bond for vanity fair

how can you not love the babes of broad city? they're just like us: funny, smart, and know a good bikini when they see one. you'll love them and that love will sneak up on you.

the girls of broad city show us what it's like to make decisions -- good and bad -- in a city that supports their nutty and sometimes inexplicable madness. they support each other no matter what, and show us what true gal-to-gal keepin' it real means.

at the end of the day, we all know and love that friendship that really makes us the best version of ourselves. that's what ilana and abbi do for each other and that's what all ladies should do for each other.

check out this shot of these talented ladies in vanity fair -- abbi is rocking a maillot from tori praver swimwear and ilana's sporting our paris top and bombshell bottom, check out their feature in the january 2015 issue.


it's a standard issue.

we didn’t name our newest swim color “standard issue” because we think you’re a gal who blends in, or follows the rules, or answers on command. we named it for the fearless renegade-- the smart, witty, HELL YES gal—the women of who march to their beat of their own drummer. and we salute you.


check out standard issue mag on twitter and facebook and hoot and holler with us as we celebrate the empowerment that is being a kick ass female in 2k14. while you're at it, check out the styles we cut in standard issue and get a bikini on your bod pronto!


malia mills hearts K/LLER COLLECTION

here at malia mills, we can't get enough of the bits and baubles from K/LLER. those gals just get it. katie & michael describe their works of art as "adornments [that] speak of an unapologetically gutsy rebel-yell. gritty and unfettered yet incredibly chic, the pieces are subtly bohemian with a bicker-chick aesthetic." raise a glass to that we will! 

katie & michael of K/LLER COLLECTION, photo from their site

katie & michael of K/LLER COLLECTION, photo from their site


katie & michael are two well established ladies in the biz, they stock their goodies in hundreds of stores throughout the USA and internationally. one of the best parts: it's all made in america. hell yes! but don't just take our word for it, in october 2014, K/LLER COLLECTION was the grand prize winner of the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, say what?! on fire!

these babes sound like humans we definitely want to clink crystal with. luckily, we'll be able to this coming thursday, december 11th, 2014. we're hosting a killer party from 5-7pm at Malia Mills upper east side location on 1015 lexington ave. come rock it with us and enjoy sips and sparkles -- there will be tons of incredible goodies for you to peruse. see you there!

check out K/LLER on malia mills.


17 reasons to let it all hang out this summer.


1.  because i love the roll in my stomach when i reach for my next corona

2. because the top is the best part of the muffin

3. because your boobs catch your crumbs

4. because those margaritas aren’t going to drink themselves

5. because thigh gap? no thigh gap? who gives a shit?

6.  because why the f*ck not?

7. because i didn’t shave my legs for nothing

8. because boobs are for sharing

9. because i found my soul mates and their names are chips and dip

10. because my cellulite wants to mingle

11. because i love my lady lumps

12. because i’m only getting more awesome

13. because i checked my inhibitions at the cabana

14. because depriving anyone of this would be inhumane

15. because throwing on a bathing suit takes so much less time than a business suit

16. because i'm too hot to be kept under wraps

17. because sidewalks are made for swim photoshoots.