lucretia mott - 7 of 45

in 1830's america, slavery was accepted as the norm, women were seen as little more than property-less, mindless objects, and settlers were stealing land from native americans with reckless abandon.    

lucretia mott could have rerouted our country; we could have avoided the resulting deserved marrs that will forever scar america.  

not only was lucretia mott a vocal abolitionist, but boycotted any products of slave labor.  before long, she garnered support in her movement for equality.  along with her husband, whom she had influenced to break ties with the cotton trade, she attended the world's anti-slavery convention, but women were not allowed to fully participate.  this turn of events stoked a fire that was already burning. lucretia mott and her friend and ally elizabeth cady stanton set in motion the seneca falls convention, a turning point in the suffrage movement.  

had she been elected president, racial equality and women's rights would not have been allowed to linger in the background of the country's daily life.  she could have springboarded a platform of reform, prompting a transformation of the blind eye used to view anyone without white skin and a penis.

lucretia mott wrote in her discourse on women "may these statements lead you to reflect upon this subject, that you may know what woman's condition is in society—what her restrictions are, and seek to remove them."  

2016.  let's remove them.