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as was true for many women of her time, nancy hart was uneducated and illiterate.  she also stayed home to take care of the family and house while her husband fought in the revolutionary war...most of the time. 

her adherence to female societal norms of the 19th century essentially ended there. she married ten years later than the average woman of the 1800's. while her husband was fighting, she would occasionally disguise herself as a man, embed herself in the british camps, and gain intelligence for the american army.  

most famously, she was accosted by a group of six british soldiers who forced entry into her home and demanded she provide food and drink.  nancy hart provided them with ample amounts of corn whiskey and, while the soldiers were imbibing, she signaled the surrounding troops of american soldiers to alert them of the trouble brewing.  nancy hart seized the soldiers' guns and held them hostage until backup arrived.  

nancy hart was truly fearless, and did not let her gender dictate the events of her life or limit her impact.  the tenacity she displayed during the country's fight for independence would have been a welcome force in women's fight for equality.